Printing-out Paper

Printing-out Paper (P.O.P) is a silver chloride, gelatine emulsion coated fiber base paper. No developer is required. The emulsion contains a slight excess of silver nitrate and will print-out with great intensity. The origins of gelatine chloride printing-out paper dates back well over 100 years to 1864 when Johann Baptist Obernetter of Munich began manufacturing it. It’s been known by many names including “P.O.P.,” “papier citrate” and “Solio.”

The finished print is created by contact printing the paper with a negative. The image is formed directly from the light during exposure. The color of the unprocessed printed-out image various from blood-red, rust-red, brick-red or plum-red. The color of the processed image ranges from orange-brown for prints simply fixed through rich chocolate brown for prints that are moderately gold-toned, and purple-brown for prints that receive maximum toning.


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