One of my first encounters with Shelter Island was when I used to go see a band called "Full Circle." I was playing at the Cruiser Club in Hampton Bays with my band "Topo" and the guys from "Full Circle" would occasionally play there too. Like most musicians playing the Hamptons at the same club we all became friends. Every Monday (our night off) the guys from my band and our girls friends would go see them play at a club on Shelter Island. During the day I started to take the ferry over to the Island and would just ride around. While driving along the coastal roads I saw a really big boulder; one of those monsters that the glacier left behind. Twenty years later I found out that the locals called it Indian Rock. (Shelter Island locals were called hares, but only if you were born on the island. Why? Because you had to be a jack rabbit to catch the ferry.)

When I walked around the other side of the boulder I saw another illusion in the rock too.

Rock in Repose