I was living in a winter rental house off of Bay Ave and N. Westbury Road in Hampton Bays with my band. We had moved out to Hampton Bays in the winter of 1974 after my friend Louie D. got me the gig at McDimples a year before. He didn't want to travel from Nassau County to do the club any more so he asked me if I wanted to do it. We were ready to play better clubs and the Hamptons gig was just what we needed. We became friends with the club's bartenders and started living in their house over the summer and then found a winter rental for ourselves.

I was driving down Ponquogue Avenue one day and I decided to make a left onto Squirestown Road. At the time it was mostly dirt and there really weren't many houses in the area yet. As I drove my 1968 robin blue Volkswagen Fastback through the dirt it started to bottom out from all the ruts and holes so I slowed way down. Then I looked to my right and I saw this.

Beauty & the Beast
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